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IncLoo*sive architectures

ARCH+  05/2023
n the context of the German Pavillion “Open for Maintainance - Wegen Umbau geöffnet” of the 18th Architecture Biennale 2023 in Venice

ISBN 9783931435752

author collectiv Rosa Loo*

*  Sabine Bongers-Römer
    Katharina Ciax
    Martine Kayser 
    Sina Kamala Kaufmann
    Stefan Karlowsky
    Ariane Krause
    Johanna Moser
    Michel Riechmann
    Eleftheria Xenikaki

Peeing* is political! Sanitary facilities are an essential infrastructural part of everyday life. They provide the opportunity to fulfill the basic sanitary needs of urinating and defecating, have an influence on the kind, quality, and radius of activities people can undertake, and constitute a precondition for participating in both private and public life. However, they are often taken for granted and their importance is only registered when they are unusable, unavailable or inaccessible. When planning and managing buildings and public spaces, sanitary facilities are rarely considered as core infrastructure to be designed for and by society.