Bathroom readings

in the context of the “wash room” in the German Pavillion “Open for Maintainance - Wegen Umbau geöffnet” at the 18th biennale for architecture in Venice 2023

author collective Rosa Loo*

*  Sabine Bongers-Römer
    Katharina Ciax
    Martine Kayser 
    Sina Kamala Kaufmann
    Stefan Karlowsky
    Ariane Krause
    Johanna Moser
    Michel Riechmann
    Eleftheria Xenikaki

Bathroom readings is a digital collection of texts on the interesting topic of inclusive and resource-saving sanitation and the sustainable circular economy. Moreover, it is a digital offer to delve deeper into the topic of the sanitation and nutrient transition.

Scientists, activists, designers, artists and many other stakeholders closely worked together to create the sanitary space in the German Pavilion. In addition to the installations in the pavilion itself and an article in ARCH+, we now present a digital best of innovative ideas, solutions and visionary concepts for the sanitation and nutrient transition.