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Compost unjust toilet infrastructures

Kompost Festival 
16th-25th of June, 2022 Münster 

Lilith Kuhn
Martine Kayser
Sabine Bongers-Römer
Rosa Aue

At the first compost festival of the Stadtlabor of the University of Münster in June 2022, the klo:lektiv was represented with a workshop. After previously working out the best ingredients for composting our excreta with Roland Wolf from NetSan, we composted unfair toilet infrastructures in the klo:lektiv workshop. In a cozy round in the garden 'Grüne Beete' we collected lots of toilet stories from our personal experiences and discussed utopian toilet infrastructures. In the process, we considered what toilets should look like that work for different bodies, how we can collectively organize toilet infrastructures, what meaning other intimate practices have in toilets, and whether we would like to make compost out of our poop. Sure thing!

Infos zum Festival: http://kompost.zone/

Und hier das Video zum Festival mit 4 klo:ektivistinnen ab min 12:58 https://vimeo.com/761304842