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Right to the city = right to pee* 2.0

Recht auf Stadt Forum 2022
10th-12th of June
Kassablanca, Jena

Martine Kayser

The low prioritization of sanitation in municipal administrations as well as urban planning and urban policy debates, the lack of funding, privatization and tabooing of human excreta, a missing or broken toilet infrastructure, the unequal number of free urination facilities by gender and age, too few baby changing facilities, lack of accessibility, unequal and unfair pay (for toilet staff and users), binary gender segregation, and androcentric and classist designs. ..All of this and much more will be the topic of our ideas workshop because #pissenistpolitisch.

Following up on the debates at the Right to the City Forum in Bonn, we want to revisit the issue of public toilets in cities in Germany. After a detailed analysis of the problem, this time we want to focus on strategies and options for action. On the basis of concrete practical examples, we will work out specific problematic issues and, building on this, design potential sustainable strategies and/or possible short-term options for action/actions (possibly with optional action on the weekend in public space in Jena).